REF Recruiting a Procurement Expert in Romania

Established in 2009, the Roma Education Fund Romania is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to reduce the education gap between Roma and non-Roma and act as a catalyst for equal access to quality education for all Roma children.


The Roma Education Fund (REF) has been awarded a grant to implement the early childhood education and care project „Ready Set Go! – Increasing early childhood development outcomes for Roma children” (the Project) under the RO25 Poverty Alleviation Programme funded by Norway Grants.

The Project seeks

  • to scale-up access to quality early childhood education an care (ECEC) services for disadvantaged Roma children,
  • to influence the improvement of the policy framework through dissemination activities with the ultimate goal to improve early childhood development outcomes of Roma children aged 0-6 years,
  • to enhance the community cohesion and integration in the targeted localities, and
  • to provide capacity building for involved Roma NGOs.

The primary target group of the Project is approximately 1,400 disadvantaged Roma and non-Roma children aged 0-6 and their parents in minimum of 14 or more project locations in six  counties: Mures; Bihor; Salaj; Dambovita; Calarasi; Ialomita in Romania. It is envisaged that at least 560 Roma children will be enrolled in preschool education as a result of the additional kindergarten places created at the beginning of the project. The number of children who will directly benefit from Project interventions overall is estimated to reach approximately 840.

The Project will be managed and implemented by REF, and supported with technical assistance by the Word Bank. The local implementation activities of the Project will be led by local Roma NGOs – Ruhama Foundation, Divers Association, CEDO, and the Association Justice and Brotherhood in close cooperation with local stakeholders, the representatives of the municipalities and the county school inspectorates.
Job Description: Procurement Expert

The Procurement Expert will have the overall responsibility for ensuring the effective procedures for procurement and the follow up of the procurement process until the receptions of the works, services or goods are finalized during the implementation of the Project. The main procurement procedures implies construction/rehabilitation/renovation (by case) of 14 educational buildings (mainly kindergarten spaces) and the needed educational equipment (furniture, books, other supplies).
The specific duties of the Procurement Expert are:

  • Preparing and providing assistance to REF Romania in the preparation/updating of the Procurement Plan in the format agreed for the purposes of the  Project and ensure that procurement of all works, goods and services are undertaken in accordance with the Procurement Plan. In the preparation of the Procurement Plan, the Expert  shall ensure that the contract packaging is effective for project implementation and time schedule.
  • Evaluating /providing assistance for the evaluation of bids/proposals and preparing  of standard evaluation reports and review the completeness of the documents before filing and recording.
  • Implementing the Romanian procurement legislation and correlating it with the Norwegian Funds Implementation Manual, regarding acquisitions procedures related the implementation of the Project.
  • Developing the procurement activities related the acquisition of goods, works and services within the Project, in compliance with the applicable Romanian procurement legislative rules.
  • Participating to project team meetings working meetings for agreeing the work procedure and supervising the correctness of the project procedures.
  • Legal and professional responsibility for correct distribution on the CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) of the services, goods and works, including the chosen procurement method accordingly the  public acquisition legislation and instructions.
  • Develop the documents and specifications for the services, goods and works engaged in the RSG project accordingly specific legislation.
  • Organize specific training for the project team members for sharing a clear understanding of the phases of the public procurement related the RSG implementation; Type of documents related each procurement phase; Which is the documentation elaborated by the procurement expert and which is the documentation and information expected by the Procurement expert from the project team members.
  • Elaborating a project working team written procedure applicable to the project team members reflecting the needed requirements for an efficient cooperation among the team members.
  • Organizing the procurement acquisition procedure, develop the accordingly documentation, preparing the public announcements, posting the announcements (or making sure the announcement are posted respecting the deadlines), communicating the correct deadlines for the announcements.
  • Develop a written procedure regarding the way the principles imposed by the legislation and donor, such as: avoiding the interest conflict/incompatibilities, etc… .
  • Preparing the needed contracts to be signed with the wining procurement competition companies.
  • Establish the relation with the goods, work or service winning providers/companies for signing the contracts.
  • Monitor the accomplishment of the terms and contractual provisions.
  • Preparing the notification or addendum documentation in relation to the donor, if appears needed modifications related the public acquisitions and procurement related the project.
  • Filing, organizing, scanning and monitor the documentation related the public procurement for the project in accordance with the reporting requirements of the donor and accordingly the legal requirements for archiving (it will be provided an internal training with an archiving expert and the project manager).
  • Preparing the support documents and the specific components for the technical report to the donors, in the context of the procurement and acquisition developed in the project (an internal instruction will take place with the project manager)
  • A crosscutting principle of equal chances and sustainable development will be developed within the procurement requirements and acquisition Project procedures.

In addition, the Procurement Expert will contribute to the success of REF’s overall project portfolio, for example by participating in project monitoring visits in Romania or in other countries, and ensuring that the lessons of experience in the Project are shared with all REF staff and other interested counterparts. The Procurement Expert will report to the Project Manager and work in cooperation with the WB and M&E team.

Period of employment: May 2015 – April 2017, Part-time

Minimum requirements: 

  • The specialist should be a graduate of university (preferably Engineering or Law)
  • The specialist  should have at least 5 years of professional experience
  • The specialist should have at least 2 years of experience in the Romanian local procurement procedures, contract management/implementation and reporting procedures.
  • Computer literacy (experience in the use of Windows, MS office etc.).
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Romanian.
  • Be available to travel.

We offer:

  • A chance to make a real difference and grow as part of a multicultural and international team.
  • A professional working environment, where you will work with a leading group of experts dedicated to implement interventions in order to close the gap between Roma and non-Roma in educational outcomes.
  • A competitive salary and benefits package.

Additional information

Please send a letter of interest and your professional CV in Romanian and in English with at least two references by Thursday, May 14, 2015 to:

Further clarifications regarding the above described position can be obtained from:

–    Marian Daragiu Project Manager at +40.722.673.794

–    Daniel Bredet Project Assistant at +40.740.847.456

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, which will take place in Bucharest between May 18-20.

REF Romania is an employer that provides equal opportunities where ethnicity, gender, racial, sexual orientation, disability or any other similar criterion will not be a cause of exclusion of any candidate.